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Choose Sex of Baby - I Bet You Know This!

We have to admit that there are many couples who are indeed looking for a trusted and easy way to choose sex of baby. In fact, we should feel lucky and fortunate when we have a healthy and happy growing baby. However, many parents nowadays have a certain preference to choose the sex of baby boy or girl. You are not the only few in this world that are looking for the best method to choose sex of baby. Indeed, there millions of people who are like you. They are all looking for a nature and popular method that will help them to choose gender of baby. Those natural methods had been proven by many to improve the chance in choosing sex of baby. Today, we shall look at two incredible baby gender selection methods.

- Timing Is Important for a Baby Boy or Girl
Yes, we must know the best suitable timing to choose sex of baby correctly. It is because male's sperms have different characteristics. Basically, there are two types of sperms - X for the girl & Y for the boy. X sperms swim slow but they have a stronger life span while Y sperms swim very fast, but they can die off easily.

Thus, if you choose to have a boy, it is recommended to have sex intercourse as near to the start of ovulation as possible. However, to choose sex of a girl, you should catch the correct timing by lovemaking one or two days before your ovulation starts. To find out the most accurate timing of your ovulation, it is best to do an ovulation test by using an ovulation predictor or test kit. You can also measure your (Woman) temperature every morning before you gets out of bed. You will know it is time for an ovulation when your body temperature changes much.

- Control Your Diet
Choose sex of baby gender depends on your diet that you are consuming too! If you are choosing to have the sex of a boy, you should increase your calories intake. The more energy you take in will enhance the chance of having a boy. Thus, you should consume low calorie food during the periods when you are to prepare to choose sex of baby girl. However, you should also balance your diet. It is not advisable to replace every meal with a very low or high calorie food intake - it is not very healthy at all. You can choose to eat more portions of the selected food like vegetables and fish for low calorie intake. Where else, you can take in higher carbohydrate foods to boost your calorie level.

Frankly speaking, there are quite a few natural methods to choose baby gender. You will have to find out which are the most trusted ways that are already used by many people. In fact, you should be able to determine and choose the sex of the gender if you can apply the correct methods.

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Choosing The Sex of Your Baby

Choosing the sex of your baby at the outset of pregnancy is now on the rise. Watch the video for more on this growing trend.

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How To Choose The Gender of Your Baby (& Temperament)

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How I Conceived Quickly


Some of you have been asking what I did to conceive this baby so quickly. Here are some of my tips! I'm not a medical professional and, quite frankly, a newb at TTC. But these things worked for me! So, 

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Choosing Gender of Baby 100% Safe, Natural and Effective Methods!

Watch this video to discover safe and natural methods of choosing gender of baby. There are several things a couple can do to increase their chances of having either a baby boy or a baby girl.

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Friday, 6 January 2017

Can I Choose My Baby's Gender with IVF? | Infertility


A frequently asked question is "Can I choose the gender of my baby using in vitro fertilization?" The answer is, in fact is "Yes." However, there are times when it may make sense and other times when it does not. 

In order to be essentially guaranteed of the sex which you prefer to have, the embryos would have to be biopsied. What that means is that a couple undergoes in vitro fertilization, the women has her eggs retrieved, they're fertilized with the sperm, and embryos are created. Typically, on the third or fifth day of embryo life, one cell or multiple cells are extracted from the embryo, and those cells are put in a special culture media. The cells are then transported to a specialized laboratory that will look at the chromosomes of the cell type.

So, for example, you can check for genetic diseases and sex selection. The information that comes back from that specialized laboratory will tell the chromosome nature of the cell and also certain genetic factors like Down syndrome or other types of trisomies and chromosomal aberrations. 

The result is generally almost 100% accurate, but small inaccuracies and small errors can exist. The overall chances of having male or female embryos is approximately fifty-fifty, although small differences have been noted in some studies. An embryo that is transferred back into uterus does not always, however, implant. Also, even if you have six or seven embryos, there's no guarantee that normal embryos will be of one particular sex. It's not uncommon to have a case in which a couple asks for a male embryo, and the only ones that are genetically normal are female. 

Sex selection is offered for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it's just for family balancing, where a couple has two or three children of one sex and would like to balance their family by having a child of the opposite sex. In many cases it's for genetic diseases, however, in which a particular genetic disease affects only one sex and not the other. 

So, sex selection is, in fact, available for couples who would like to do in vitro fertilization. There are some doctors, who, ethically will not do sex selection unless there's a particular disease trying to be excluded. If you are interested in in vitro fertilization and the possibility of sex selection, speak to your reproductive endocrinologist.

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How to Choose The Gender of Your Baby

Dr. John Jain, Reproductive Endocrinologist, describes the process and reasons of choosing the gender of your baby.How to Conceive a Boy Plan My Baby Review:

Urine test to determine baby gender

Urine test to determine baby gender
Urine test to determine baby gender

How to Conceive A Girl Tips and Trick Safe & Easy Techniques

Visit At.: Get plenty of rest and practice a healthy lifestyle. Try to remove stress from your life and take good care of your body. You'll be asking it to undergo a great task over the next nine months and you owe it to yourself and your future child to be as healthy as possible.

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Success story with Baby Gender Selection Method | How to plan baby 3 Easy Steps

Click Here: Click Here: Over the years, my research as a midwife has enabled me to develop a list of truths couples can follow when working to conceive either a girl or baby boy.

How To Get Pregnant Naturally and Give Birth to Healthy Children

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